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Six Mile Run Reformed Church is where people of all colors, cultures, languages, and ages gather as a Christian community to worship and be strengthened by God’s love so that we may live faithfully as disciples of Jesus Christ.


We believe that “God was in Christ reconciling the world.”  We help people apply Scripture to their everyday lives. For our interpretation of Scripture, we rely on the historic creeds of the Church. 


We believe that God comes into the world in gracious, mysterious, and surprising ways to call people to lives of faith and service.


Stop by any Sunday morning at 10 am for Worship! 


We look forward to meeting you!


Kim Patko & Robin Suydam
Co Vice-Presidents of Consistory (leadership board)


We are located at heart the of Franklin Park, in Franklin Township, Central NJ, on the border of North Brunswick and South Brunswick communities. We welcome all.


Once you fully accept God into your life, there is no way you'll ever be the same again. Welcome the detox, embrace it and don't be afraid to do what's right for you during your journey to finding faith and living in it.

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